How to Build a Homemade RV Camper with Slide out

Check back often to discover the latest tips, news, and reviews relating to recreational vehicles. In this latest video, Step by step pictures of how I built a 31 foot RV Fifth Wheel Camper from the frame up. See how to install Filon Siding on my home built camper without any plans. From travel trailers to truck campers to motorhomes to accessories and fun things that go along with RV'ing, it'll be covered here. Bookmark us now or subscribe to our RSS feeds.

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25 Responses to “How to Build a Homemade RV Camper with Slide out”

  1. Wavatar HueyHoggsbrother Says:

    i like the music, too

  2. Wavatar bluesmanPD Says:

    respect for you Chad… very good

  3. Wavatar s010038 Says:

    1. Fylon siding, Luann backed.
    2. One solid rolled rubber roof
    3. Gave receipts to prove ownership and that taxes were paid. Got i weighed and received title.

  4. Wavatar s010038 Says:

    2000 at surplus cost.

  5. Wavatar lunaticasai Says:

    Amazing,,,, arent you glad you had an assistant engineer and product tester?

    I am restoring a 1989 e250 coachman van camper, and like you said “dont do it to save money, do it cause you love it”…..

  6. Wavatar amywalkerartist Says:

    very very impressive! you are an inspiration! i think i will start my endeavor with the purchase of a small camper that needs mild restoring, however.

  7. Wavatar Colorado220 Says:

    THAT WAS AWESOME, Great job!

  8. Wavatar billroettor Says:

    Happy camping one heck of a fiver

  9. Wavatar bulldawgbell Says:

    You did an Awsome Awsome Job!!! I would like to have you on my business team!

  10. Wavatar yourmajesty07 Says:

    bad ass! sell the house and hit the road!

  11. Wavatar cdltpx Says:

    Makes me want to get a bus and do the same.

  12. Wavatar negativeeffect Says:

    dude i want your wife and kids to come build me a house and you . great lookin 5th wheel and built better than factory i bet great job enjoyed the video dave

  13. Wavatar giancarlolandrover Says:

    nice job dude congratulations

  14. Wavatar CPJapan Says:

    that must have cost a fortune to buy all the supplies

  15. Wavatar s010038 Says:

    $9,300 is that a fortune?

  16. Wavatar CPJapan Says:

    only $9,300! it looks like a lot more because of all the plywood, the fridge, beds, wood, tvs, couches,trailer, and what ever else you used

  17. Wavatar fred4999 Says:

    Great job, congrats to you and your able crew. Would you list a couple of the companies/websites where you got your materials/supplies? I’ve been considering building a smaller version. Ignore the comments from those that do not understand the pleasures and challenges of building. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Wavatar rawimpact Says:

    you’re a very gifted person.

  19. Wavatar vecco73 Says:

    Awesome job! Where did you purchase you 5th wheel frame?

  20. Wavatar thepvcbikeguy Says:

    Ya I also agree with fred4999 this is great and fred4999 I’d love the web sites

  21. Wavatar dirtbikerman1234 Says:

    wow dude that is one sweet trailer lol if you could tell me were you got the supplys.

  22. Wavatar BELUGA71 Says:

    hey men I envy you, I planning to do a slide out on my semi trailer, any advice?

  23. Wavatar starlionblue Says:

    But BUYING an actual fifth wheel can easily cost almost 8-10 times that much. He saved a HUGE crapload of money! Unbelievable. You wouldn’t know it was home-made.

  24. Wavatar starlionblue Says:

    Still, you gotta admit, he saved a colossal amount of money. One of these days, I’m gonna buy a Sprinter van and make my own Sprinter James Cook. The only headache will be making sure it doesn’t leak when I chop the roof off.

  25. Wavatar eddie4356 Says:

    that is pretty much the coolest thing i have ever seen in my life.That is awesome. I could barely put something together that comes in a box with instructions. You need to start a “Man Camp” so i can come to it.

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